Knitting Update & Kelly Connor Designs

As you know I've been taking knitting classes  (yes knitting is cool as demonstrated by the photo above!). At first I was all thumbs as was outlined in my post here but now I'm coming along. I've knitted my way through a chunky scarf (see photo at end of post), I'm almost finished some wristers a.k.a fingerless mittens and I've started some leg warmers (can you tell it's cold here!). Of course I'm still just doing two stitches - knit & purl - however I'm really enjoying it. AND, after a long search I found the perfect knitting bag on Etsy from Kelly Connor Designs in Scotland and I just LOVE it. Get ready... here it is.....
I just couldn't resist. Fact of the matter is that I prefer to knit with chunky wool and huge wooden needles so this bag really said it all lol!! If my bag is a little too much for you then maybe the one below will be more your speed. I know there are a lot of feisty women at knit night who talk very fondly about their stashes!
I would highly recommend checking out Kelly Connor Designs as not only are her bags funny but Kelly herself was such a dream to deal with that I can't say enough good things about her.  Now here is the famous scarf I knitted. A big shout out to Sam and Kim at Espace Tricot for their endless patience and kindness in assisting me along my knitted journey. Love you guys!! xxoo Tracey


Almost 1000 REKTANGEL IKEA glass vases were used to form the rounded wall surrounding this bathroom. The white vases add a translucent quality to the bathroom as they allow the light to filter through. Painted white on the inside to increase privacy, two sizes of  the vases were glued together using transparent glue to form the wall.

all photos via the IKEA Hackers

How to pick the right White

Since we can't seem to escape the Winter this year I thought I'd try and make peace with it by posting some spaces that are all in Winter white. Trend expert and Stylist Paula Eklund gives us some tips on how to pick the right white and achieve the look without it being too cold. Read story here.

DIY: Block Printed Tea Towel

I have a thing for tea towels, nice tea towels that is. Some of the nicest tea towels I've ever seen were in Cape Cod and Italy and I've been itching to try my hand at making my own. Then I stumbled upon this post from Remodelista and thought that I would share. I love the simple design in this DIY which was done using a kit sold by Darby Smart. Could it get any easier? I mean really, now you don't even have to look for the material. The kit comes with two tea towels and a burlap runner for you to create your designs on. Click here for the full instructions. 

Flooring made out of recycled belts

So how about flooring created out of recycled belts? Cool idea no?
Click here for more info.

Morning Coffee

As an animal lover I can't resist falling in love with photos such as these. This is Maddie and apparently she shares my lack of enthusiasm in the morning!

Favorite Pic

My favorite photo from Andrew Pike's Home. Isn't that Siamese cat adorable!

Reclaimed Wood Wall

I absolutely love this reclaimed wood wall. What a great way to warm up a space. Photo via my Pinterest.

Happy Valentine's Day!

To all my readers and all my friends I am sending you lots of love and happiness and wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!! xoxo Tracey

Gold Sandals

I don't care about the snow and cold anymore, it's summer my head anyways lol! I saw these sandals and just had to snap them up. Soooooo comfy, they are like a flip flop but with a little bling. Great for daytime with some cropped pants or at night with a maxi dress. Click here for purchase info.

Love this Hallway

I love everything about this hallway. The herringbone wood floor, the black accents, the wicker lights and the Buddha in the corner. The gallery wall also makes for an interesting focal point. 

The Bottle by BKR

Clean Bubbly Glass + Soft Silicone = The Bottle by BKR

Chic design combined with fun (or bland) colors makes this water bottle a must have for anyone who drinks water but who doesn't want those nasty chemicals that come with the plastic bottles. Silicone sleeves dress up a glass water bottle to match your mood or your style. There's a color to match just about any personality and for those who want just a  little more, you can even have a heart. 


DIY: Leather trays

For quite some time now I have been looking for a storage solution for my husband's keys, wallet etc. As it is now, they get dumped wherever he see's fit to drop them. At first I cleaned out a drawer in my entrance console table but that didn't work as it got filled up with head phones and phone chargers. Then I decided to empty out part of my desk so that he'd have drawers in my home office but then they got filled up with external hard drives and other misc. male paraphernalia. SO, when I saw this leather tray, I thought how great is this!! It's easy to make and can go anywhere without being an eyesore. Now I'm off to get some supplies! Photo and instructions via Remodelista

KVARTAR Pendant Lamp

and here it is......drum roll please....the new KVARTAR pendant lamp from IKEA. Available in February.

Share the Love with some Chocolate Heart pops

Aren't these chocolate heart pops cute! What better way to share some love with those around you! Click here for recipe.
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