Bags, Bags and More Bags!

I am on a leather bag kick lately. I just can't get enough of them. Here are a few of my favorites from my Pinterest board.

DIY: Copper Shelves

I am a big fan of copper so this IKEA hack is right up my alley. This easy and chic DIY is made with IKEA's LACK floating shelves and some copper contact paper. All you have to do is get the copper contact paper - available here - and cover your shelves. Presto, beautiful copper shelves guaranteed to shine. So love this..... 

Art in Motion

American Artist Heather Hansen translates movement into art. 

Photos courtesy Fubiz. Check out the video and more pics here

DIY: Sugar Hearts

Valentine's day is coming up so naturally Pinterest is filled with hearts and heart recipes and this particular one caught my eye (must be all the pink!). Since I like to use raw sugar cubes when guests come over, I thought that these would be a nice alternative. However, raw sugar is brown so I don't think the colors would turn out which means that I would have to use plain white granulated sugar instead (egads!) but I think it would be worth it for the visual. Plus sugar hearts would work anytime of the year not only on Valentine's day. You could easily serve them alongside some hot cocoa when you're entertaining or put two on a saucer with a cappuccino for your special someone. Click here for tutorial. 

The Colors of Food

Spiced Orange

Isn't it remarkable how food can be colored so brilliantly. Oftentimes we don't realize how color affects our desire for a particular food. Spiced orange is one of my favorite colors so if I see many soups lined up in a row and one of them is spiced orange, I'm going to choose that one (unless it's made of something horrid lol!). Through my studies on decor and Alzheimer's I also learned that Alzheimer patients are more apt to eat their food if it has bright colors such as orange, green, red as this appealed to them more. 

Art Deco Wallpaper

This wallpaper is so cool! Usually I'm not a fan of anything art deco but I love this New York Skyline by edit & björnen. I think it would look awesome in a little adventurer's room. What do you think?

Elegant Entrance

Can you believe this entrance! The black framed archway and doors, the unobtrusive staircase, the gilded mirror, the fireplace (like who has a fireplace in their entrance!!!)  and those beautiful wood floors have taken my breath away. I keep waiting for the lady of the Manor to come sweeping down the stairs. 
This is only part of the home click here to see more. 

Think Green

Wow! I love tufted sofas and this green velvet one just makes my heart sing. Normally I'm not a fan of the color green but this couch is the color of spring and those orange flowers are the perfect accent.

Up-cycled Shipping Container Homes & Studios

A guest house/garden retreat/playhouse by Jim Poteet of Poteet Architects in San Antonio, Texas
I have this obsession with up-cycled containers and I have posted about them here and here. I just love that you can take ugly, old shipping containers and turn them into something so beautiful. I mean to look at these pictures you would never guess that the original building material once sat on a dock or in a train yard. I am so in awe of these spaces, especially the artist studio. Click on the link at the bottom of the post to see more examples of container homes + studios. 

The Oakland, CA, home of architect Stephen Shoup of building Lab inc. has an attached office space for the firm's staff.
Cove Park - a group of artist residencies by Edo Architecture overlooking Loch Long in Scotland
Maziar Behrooz Architecture's Art Studio in the Hamptons
Prefab house from MEKA

All photos via Remodelista

La casa de coto

One of my favorite shops on Etsy is La casa de coto. They make beautiful crochet cushions which I've posted about hereThey are also part of the "Popular Posts" category on the right side of the blog so as you can see, I'm not the only one bowled over by their wares. Today I noticed that they have added some new items to their inventory which I thought you should see. Aren't these natural raffia pendant lights in fluorescent colors divine! And how about those Moroccan Kilim Pouf covers. They would go so well with a white couch! Have I mentioned how badly I want a white couch......hmmmm....time to plot, I mean plan...:)

Textile cable lamp with switch and plug - neon orange

Crochet Marrakesh pillow - beige and blue - triangles and stripes

Moroccan Kilim Pouf cover

Vintage Moroccan Patchwork Kilim Rug

Back to Black

Lately I've been drawn to black. I'm not sure how or why it happened it just did. Maybe it's because I've seen so many white interiors on Pinterest for the last few years that I am looking for balance. Or maybe I'm just in a new phase of my life where I see the sexiness and/or elegance of black. Like this pendant light for example. That just screams sexy to me. And what about the black storage units with the beautiful wood floors? Nice no? I can't even talk about the bath.......

So what do you think about black in your decor? 

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a fun way to integrate color into your home without going crazy. As you can see by these photos a little pop here and there goes a long way . Of course you don't have to limit yourself to the walls, you can use colorful furniture instead. Isn't that pink table with the red chairs awesome!


French Floral Artist Claire Basler

My friend Lesley Charters Cotton sent me this profile on Floral Artist Claire Basler and boy am I happy that she did. I have never seen floral art this glorious in my life. Claire Basler's murals are just breathtaking. Claire fills the former schoolhouse, now her home and studio, with flowers on a daily basis to provide her with inspiration for her paintings. Check out the pictures below to see what Claire has painted in her own home and then go to Claire Basler to see her full portfolio. You won't be disappointed.

Gorgeous Bedroom

This is one of the most gorgeous bedrooms I've seen in a long time. I love the black wall and throw paired with the warmth of the wood bed and table. Not to mention those beautiful wood floors and clear glass pendant light. So simple and yet so stunning! AND don't you just love the open closet hidden behind the wall!
via photographer Janne Peters

Happy New Year!!

I intend to - you?
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