A House On the move!

Now this is my kinda house - one that moves with me instead of without me! Just imagine the possibilities. Love your house but would like to live among the sheep? No problem, hitch up the house and bring it to them. This transportable home designed by ABATON has a tiny footprint and is just one of many fabulous projects. Go check them out and get inspired!

White Chalkboard Wall

I don't know if I like this or not. I am so used to the black chalkboards that I'm having a little bit of trouble adjusting to this white one. However, it is much less intrusive and would fool anyone into thinking it was just a plain white wall if you didn't know any better - and there was no writing on the wall! 
What do you think? White or black?
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I find this photo so inspiring as the last rays of the setting sun shine through the windows. It's almost magical. 

An all white Scandinavian decor for this converted Rectory

Located a few km's from Malmö, the southernmost province in Scania, Sweden, a Rectory was transformed into this white oasis, punctured only by subtle touches of black and brown. Natural fibers and linens make up the accessories and clean straight lines make up the interiors.  

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Renovated Hanger Warehouse turned Artist's Loft

Isn't this loft fabulous. I just love the industrial vibe combined with all the brick and up-cycled wood. I would live there in a snap. 
A little history on this place: this was once a hanger warehouse in Melbourne but it was purchased and converted into this beautiful loft by the artist Adriane Strampp. However she doesn't use it as it has become the home for the television series called Offspring. Cool huh!
 Nina and Patrick from the television show Offspring.

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Brown leather tufted couch

This brown leather, tufted couch, has taken off with my heart...

The Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn Trick

In order to celebrate the weekend - aka movie time for me - I decided to share this little trick from the women over at SupermomsAdd 1/3 cup popcorn kernels to a brown paper bag. Fold the bag over twice and then heat in a microwave, folded side down, for 2 minutes. And voilà! Fresh popped popcorn without any additives or fake butter. Dress it up as you wish (in my case with lots of freshly melted butter) and enjoy! 

Jim Gaffigan - Cake - Beyond the Pale

I don't know if you share my views on cake but I love it. Not the gooey kind nor the overly frosted kind, just the plain cake with a little or no frosting will do just fine. So given my love of cake my husband sent me this video and it was so funny I just had to share it. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. 

Concrete + Wood

black + wood
I love wood, especially raw wood or up-cycled barn wood. I also love concrete. Pair the wood and the concrete with something black and I'm in love.....sigh....
This kitchen also has a bit of Zen feeling to it but it's also a bit moody....reminds me of me. That must be why I like it. It's a bit unpredictable. 

Leopard gone wild!

Leopard print trench

Have you noticed that leopard print is like everywhere this season! Here are three of my faves. I just have to get that trench coat!

Taylor Tomasi Hill / leopard scarf

oh yah!

all photos via my Pinterest

Industrial Chic Lighting by UrbanChandy

I have a thing for lights especially funky lights that contain recycled parts or up-cycled wood. So, as you can imagine, this reclaimed wood, Edison bulb, industrial chic chandelier made by Urbanchandy is rocking my world right now. However, the hand painted porcelain lights with Edison bulbs shown below are also pulling at my heart strings. The Industrial Chandelier with Vintage bulbs is also a knockout. All of Cassidy Brush's creations are stunning and I guess this is one of the reasons why Urbanchandy has been nominated for the Martha Stewart American Made award. If you want to vote for them you may do so here

 With thanks, all photos courtesy Urbanchandy

Janaki Larsen Ceramics

Ceramics by Janaki Larsen N° 001
The work of Vancouver based ceramicist Janaki Larsen is so earthy and real that you can't help but be inspired by her work.

All photos via Le Marché St. George

It's All Good - Gwyneth Paltrow's New Cookbook

Generally I follow an Ayurvedic diet but I was intrigued by this cookbook after I saw Ellen interview Gwyneth on her show. I love vegetarian and vegan cooking even though I'm what you'd call a Flexitarian (someone who eats some sort of meat, chicken or turkey in my case, twice a week) so I finally decided to pick it up and I must say that I'm quite happy that I did. There are many recipes that I am looking forward to making - which says a lot about the cookbook because I'm a most reluctant chef - and I also liked the fact that each recipe corresponds to an index - elimination diet, vegan, protein-packed. Gwyneth also has menus at the back of her book which correspond to various diets such as "Family Friendly", "Body builder", "Vegan", "Detox" and "Healthy Every Day Eating" which have recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like this part a lot as it does the planning aspect for me which saves me time. Not to say that I won't deviate but it's a good starting point. So I'm going to try out some recipes this week so I'll keep you posted.
xo Tracey

Blog Relocation

Hello Readers!

Please note that in an effort to centralize my writing, designs, store and blogging, inside outside design has been continued at www.traceymackenzie.blogspot.com
You can also access it via my new website www.traceymackenzie.com.
All the posts that are located here are also located on the other blog so not to worry, if you're coming back to see a specific post, you will find it there as well.

Thank you!!
xo Tracey

The beach

I hope you're enjoying the long weekend as much as I am. We spent the day at the beach and I snapped these as a reminder to always take the time to do something to recharge your batteries. I was exhausted between all the house renos, the endless cleaning and my own work to the point where I wanted to run screaming off into the hills. That's when I looked at my husband and said "it's time to go to the beach". The beach is my favorite place to unwind. There's something about the sun, sand and the water that just puts my mind at ease and makes me feel brand new. So now I'm ready to face the world again. How about you? How do you recharge your batteries?

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