Intermiel in Saint-Eustache

Intermiel is a honey producer in Saint-Eustache, Quebec and I love to go there. Not only because it is relatively close to Montreal - about 45 minutes no traffic - but because the drive up is so lovely. All along the way you will find farmers selling their wares as well as apple orchards and another favorite place of mine, La Maison Lavande. 

Today I decided to go and stock up on beeswax supplies at Intermiel and lavender at La Maison Lavande and was happily surprised to see that Intermiel had completely renovated their boutique and learning spaces (this is a popular school field trip). Here are a few pics from my visit. 

Many different kinds of honey

Beeswax and beeswax candles

Many products made with their honey

The tasting area - YUM!

The different kinds of honey

The Candy bar


This is a great place to bring your kids. You can taste the honey, learn how it's produced and walk away with some very interesting products without breaking the bank. Please click here for more info. 

Up-cycled wood patio surround

This patio surround is made entirely from up-cycled wood and has an artistic bent with it's uneven lengths. Although I might have opted for a more uniform color on the upper part, I like the fact that there are peep holes. They let you see some greenery and makes the wall less confining. 

If this deck/patio were mine, I would add a variety of tall and short grasses to the bottom half of the surround. Grasses would add an element of sound and Zen to the space. There is nothing more relaxing that hearing grasses waving in the wind and the symmetry of the evenly spaced tall and short grasses would give it a very uniform and zen look.  Add some soft candlelight on the table and you have all the ingredients for a very romantic evening. 

These are the grasses I have in my front garden. They only get the plumes in the Fall when the temperature drops but I can see them waving from inside my home and it's so beautiful. Very peaceful. 

xo Tracey  

A Re-purposed Steel Home

I love the idea of re-purposing construction materials. Given my long career in design I know firsthand how many perfectly good items get tossed aside. This story however is the exact opposite. It is the story of how metal broker S. J. Sherbanuk created his dream home out of old scrap.  

The home is situated in the town of Blue Mountains in Grey County, Ontario, and is comprised of a series of sheds made mainly of re-purposed steel. Each shed corresponds to a section of the house with the tallest tower housing the kitchen, bedroom and workout room. 

You wouldn't think that a steel structure would work well in a forest but although a bit unorthodox, the house seemingly fits right into the landscape nestled among the trees. I know I wouldn't have any trouble living there, how about you? Would you like to live in a re-purposed metal home surrounded by trees? 

For more photos and the complete story by dwell please click here.     
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