New Year's Party Confetti and downloadable invitations

This is one of the easiest diy's you'll ever see. Just use a two or three hole punch to create some dots (personally I would use colored paper) and then fill up a glassine envelope of your choice. You can also add a saying such as the one above by using letter transfers or by setting up your printer to print on the envelopes. You could also just print out a label and place it on the envelope. Hand the packets out to your guests and then open and toss at the stroke of 12. Instant party! (clean up not included). Photo via.
Need to send out a last minute invite to a New Year's Eve party? Don't sweat it, Poppytalk has created 5 downloadable invitations for you to use. Check them out here

10 things to stop for 2014

2014 positivity
1. Stop spending time with the wrong people. Stop spending time with people who leave you feeling drained. Your time is precious so prioritise spending it with those that are worth it.
2. Stop putting your own needs on the back burner. Make the decision to put yourself first. Focus on what matters to you. Remember to refuse to lose yourself in the process of loving somebody else – whether it’s a friend or partner.
3. Stop being scared to make a mistake. Messing up is still more productive than doing nothing, because you’re too scared to make a mistake. The great thing about failure is that it holds invaluable lessons that will help you on your way to success. You’ll only regret the things you didn’t do.
4. Stop exclusively looking to others for happiness. You can’t be happy with others or in a committed relationship if you’re not happy with yourself. Build a healthy, happy relationship with yourself first so that sharing it with others will be more fulfilling.
5. Stop getting involved in relationships for the wrong reasons.Relationships should be entered into wisely. It’s better to be alone than to be unhappy with somebody else. Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.
6. Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself. Life’s curveballs are there to help you grow and help you question if you’re on the right path. It may always seem unbearable at the time but if you look back at past trials you’ll be able to see how you were led to a better place (at home, at work and personally). So next time you’re facing a curveball remember this and smile!
7. Stop holding grudges. As Nelson Mandela aptly put it, ‘Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies’. Forgiveness offers you an opportunity to let go so that the hate you’re holding onto won’t rob you any further of happiness.
8. Stop overlooking the beauty of small moments. The little things will become the big things when you look back one day. The most precious memories will be the small moments (that aren’t tweeted, or put up on Facebook and Instagram) you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.
9. Stop acting like everything is fine if it isn’t. If you fall apart every now and then that’s okay. Shedding a few tears can be healthy and will help you acknowledge what issues are really at play. You’ll get back to your cheerful self sooner too.
10. Stop being ungrateful. During the good or bad times you have to wake up each day thankful for your life and all the wonderful things that make it special. Focus on what you have instead of fretting about all the things you’re without – you’re bound to feel blessed.
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Up-cycled wood wall with hidden television

So you all know how much I love up-cycled wood walls but to have an up-cycled wood wall with a hidden TV - now that ROCKS! 
P.S. you'll also note a hidden door to the powder room on the right.

Country Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Card Freebie from My Life Box

Anna-Rose from the blog My Lifebox has designed a few Christmas cards for you to download for free! My favorite one is Rudolph (gotta love that red nose!) but there are two more for you to print as well. Please click here for the downloadable cards. 

Up-Cycled Barn Door

This old stable door has found new life in a very contemporary kitchen and I find that the styles blend seamlessly. Of course it helps that the walls are cement and the ceiling is all wood rafters to emulate a barn but design is often funny like that. You can use something very old and place it in a very contemporary setting and it just works. It is also one of my favorite ways of using up-cycled items.

The Swatchmate Cube

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to record a color for future use or needed to match a color perfectly? If you have, then this device is the perfect accessory for you. The Swatchmate Cube records a color perfectly to your phone or directly onto Photoshop on your computer. It doesn't matter where the color is - on your favorite purse or outside on a tree - the Cube will record the color perfectly. Check out the video below. For more pics + info please go to Blogmilk.  

Winter Inspiration

I must admit that I'm not feeling very inspired right now and I know it shows on my blog so sorry about that. I'm just not a winter person - I have trouble dealing with the no greenery and the constant cold. It just sucks the life out of me. So, in an effort to look on the bright side, I am sharing some of the things that I do love about Winter with you. Hot chocolate, the smell of cinnamon and a crackling fire. Combine all three with a book and you have the making of the perfect afternoon. 

all photos via my tumblr

Tiny Bathroom with Big Design

This is the perfect example of how a tiny bathroom can really have some wow factor. That black stained wood plank wall is a beautiful backdrop for the built in vanity/sink area and the sliding barn door is straight out of my playbook. I have a tiny bathroom as well, although not quite as small as this one, and after many months of me hitting my elbow every time I tried to towel off I saw a door similar to this on Houzz and decided that this was the best solution. Now I can finally get dry without an injury!

DIY: Boxwood Mini Wreath

We got hit by a snowstorm this weekend and now it is not only snowy but freezing! I am so happy that I've almost finished knitting my new scarf - it sure is going to come in handy this year if December is any indication of how the weather is going to be! 
This photo kinda sums it up perfectly so I thought I'd post this mini wreath DIY. Go on over to Poppytalk for the instructions. 

Turquoise + Coral

It's so cold and white/gray here now that I am starting to crave a little color as well as a little warmth. Turquoise + coral has always been one of my favorite color combos so this photo was perfect to uplift my frozen spirit. 
Photographer Louise Desrosiers 

Zara Street Style


Some Street Style from Zara.

A Beautiful Paris apartment by Designer Jessica Vedel

I first saw this kitchen on Greige and then had to see the rest of the apartment. I love minimalism, I love marble and I love gray. It was love at first sight for me and this kitchen....The rest of the place rocks too. Just check out the beautiful wood floor done in a herringbone pattern, the beautiful chandelier in the dining room and don't get me started on the bathroom.....beyond beautiful. Plus, the apartment is in PARIS. It doesn't get any better than this.....

DIY: Cement Christmas Tree Ornament

Isn't this a great little DIY. You can impress your guests with your DIY prowess and decorate your tree at the same time! Go on over to Fellow Fellow for the instructions. 

Eclectic Bathroom

This bathroom is so original that I don't quite know where to begin. I mean have you ever thought of placing a cowhide rug in the bathroom? How about the black ceiling + gold pendant lights - aren't they just an awesome combination. Or, the trough sink combined with an old library card file box? 
I absolutely love the eclectic vibe here. 

Energy efficient home: The Division Street Project

This home was once three structures from different periods which emerick architects turned into one highly energy-efficient home with almost 2000 square feet of solar arrays. And if that wasn't awesome enough, almost everything, cabinetry, railings, etc. was handmade by local craftsmen in Portland which minimized the carbon footprint and increased the local economy. The result is a beautiful, industrial meets rustic environment that boasts a stainless steel kitchen with open shelves, a massive concrete fireplace with wood storage, wood cabinetry and loft windows and doors. Everything is just so perfect. When can I move in?

Peppermint Marshmallows

The idea of peppermint marshmallows may seem strange at first but doesn't that sound totally yummy? I think so. Talk about your perfect accompaniment to Christmas. Forget the standard offering of candy canes and whip up a batch of these to get your friends talking! Go on over to A Beautiful Mess for the recipe.

DIY: Paper Bag Advent Calendar

I love this simple and economical advent calendar diy. Click here for full instructions. 

Up-cycled Wood Door

I am loving this up-cycled wood door that has found new life as a table. 

White Farmhouse Kitchen

I think this white farmhouse kitchen has a lot of interesting details. The drawer pulls, the writing on each drawer, the bead board walls and subway tiles combine to give this kitchen an unusual aesthetic. Not to mention the glass fronted cabinetry and industrial lighting. 

A great big world & Christina Aguilera - Say something I'm giving up on you.

I think everyone has been here at some point in their life. What a beautiful song......

House built out of Recycled Shipping Containers

Original design using recycled or up-cycled items holds a place near and dear to my heart. I have already posted the Starbucks location that was made out of recycled shipping containers here but this house, located in Graceville Australia, is the first of it's kind. Designed and built by Todd Miller of Ziegler Build, this house is Todd's own house and has a wide range of advantages such as being cyclone proof. Check out his interview on how and why he built this house here


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