Raw wood tables + dining on the beach

I'm a big fan of eating outdoors. Add a raw wood table and I'm smitten. Add a raw wood table + the beach and I will never leave.

I can just imagine the lanterns lit as night descends with the palm trees swaying in the background. My kind of Heaven!

For more raw tables see post on my website

A Renovated Schoolhouse

Leanne and Brad Shaffer went looking for a home and ended up with a schoolhouse dating from 1907. The transformation is remarkable but not surprising given that Leanne and Brad are the duo behind the creative agency Acres Goods + Services. Check out the before and afters below. 

I just love all the white combined with the wood island, baskets and industrial pendants.

all photos via Country Living.

Prefab Contemporary Office

This practical and gorgeous prefabricated contemporary office from KitHAUS was designed by Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann.

The KitHAUS K3 is a fully insulated, pre-wired glass and metal structure that is easy to install in your backyard. Also offered fully furnished for an instant office or guest room, the decking extends from the inside out to further expand the living space. You can also add more modules to create more living space without having to add onto your house. Hmmm, I'm thinking Yoga/Meditation space......

Beaded Birkenstocks

My friend Susan has a great sense of style so when she showed up at work today with these AWESOME beaded Birkenstocks I couldn't help but take a picture. I used to think these Birkenstocks were a step up from the regular ones but Susan's take them to a whole new level! 

Photo: Tracey MacKenzie

Plywood scraps to beautiful modern furniture

Re-cycle and up-cycle. Two words that I love and the folks over at rePly have taken those words to heart with their latest furniture collection. Using recycled plywood scraps, each piece is hand crafted and unique. Check them out.

Love this kitchen!

I looooove this kitchen!! The white combined with the wood on the island is unexpected and really makes you stand up and take notice. The painted brick, artwork, pendant lights and dipped stools add the final touches that make this kitchen Rock! 

Happy Friday and Have a great weekend!

I have been enjoying some time off and it was wonderful to sit outside and enjoy the sun. Feels like it's been forever since I could sit on my back balcony and just watch the tree branches dancing in the wind, their leaves lulling me into peacefulness with their whispers. 

I love impromptu picnics and here's hoping that the weather is good and that the photo above will become my reality. I know just the weeping willow that I can sit under....

Some interesting tidbits from around the web:

Don't these roast potatoes with coriander yogurt look yummie. 
Have you seen this wedding picture? Talk about a day to remember!
How about this drink to ease the summer heat. 
If you live in Montreal and like beer you won't want to miss the annual beer festival
If you thought that Lululemon was only for women guess again. Turns out they are dressing some pretty hot men. 

Have a great weekend!
xo Tracey

DIY: Chalkboard Bottles

I love easy DIY's and this one certainly qualifies. All you need is a bottle and some spray on chalkboard paint and you're done. I would recommend using Krylon chalkboard paint as I have had good results with this brand (this is not a sponsored post but simply my own observation).

How to:

Choose a bottle.
Remove the label from the bottle using hot water (if there is one).
Dry the bottle and make sure it is completely dry before spray painting.
Spray the chalkboard paint onto the bottle following the directions on the can.
Let dry 24 hours.
Use chalk to draw or write what you like on the bottle.

Black & White Kitchen

What a great place to put a window and the mirrored back splash really adds light and expansion to the the otherwise compact space. Imagine how beautiful those candles will look at night once lit. Their reflections bouncing off the mirror will just be magical! 

Flower Shop in Singapore

Daughters by Floral Magic florist shop Singapore l Gardenista

A chalkboard painted work station, up-cycled wine crates and re-cycled vases are the staples of this eco-friendly flower shop called Daughters by Floral Magic located in Singapore. Having a chalkboard work station makes it easy to label the drawers and the up-cycled wine crates are perfect for displaying their recycled bottles and jars come vases. I really love the idea of the chalkboard work station so you know what that means...something is going to be painted soon! 

Fresh Herbs + Rosemary infused Olive oil

I love fresh herbs. They add so much flavor to your food and they smell wonderful. They also make a great gift when simply packaged in brown paper. The next time you're invited to someone's home for supper why not give a gift of some home made rosemary infused olive oil and some fresh rosemary. I know I would love to receive some!

Here's a simple recipe for rosemary infused olive oil by eCurry.
xo Tracey

DIY: Recycled Newspaper Sprouting Pots

photo via

There are a lot of ways that you can make your own newspaper sprouting pots but this is what I deem to be the easiest and cheapest. Yes, you can buy a fancy newspaper pot maker here but why spend money when you don't have to. All you need is a can, or a variety of cans depending on the sizes you want, some newspaper and some tape. Pretty easy no?

These instructions are for a can of tomato paste. 

Instructions (photos follow text):

First get your newspaper out and fold one single sheet into three.
Next get your can of tomato paste.
Place can on newspaper with about 1/4 of can above the edge of the newspaper.
Wrap the newspaper around the can leaving it loose enough for easy removal and secure with tape along the edge.
Flip can over and fold down each side to touch the bottom of the can and then tape closed.
Remove newspaper from can.
Place newspaper pots in a tray - anything that will hold them upright will do.
Fill with potting soil and plant seeds.
Keep seedlings moist (not too wet) until you are ready to plant them, newspaper pot and all (the newspaper will decompose naturally in the soil).

Single sheet of newspaper with can of tomato paste.

Newspaper folded into 3 with can of tomato paste.

Newspaper wrapped around can of tomato paste and side secured with tape.

Flip can over and start to fold newspaper inwards. 

Continue folding until all sides are folded.

Secure bottom with tape.

Finished sprouting pot.

Continue making them until you have your desired amount. 
Place the pots in a tray. Fill them with potting soil, plant your seeds and one day you'll have this!

this photo via

Happy Gardening!
xo Tracey

Bailey's store in Herefordshire

I have been going through a Rustic phase for a while now which basically means I am in love with everything old and wooden, natural fibers, natural decor and anything recycled, re-purposed or hand made. When I saw this post from Greige I just had to investigate further. 

Bailey's store which is located in Hereforshire in the U.K. (sigh....) has all of the above and much more. You can peruse their supply of eco-friendly goods here their recycled goods here and the rest of the store here. They have a huge selection of stuff that you can buy on-line or if you are lucky enough to live nearby, you can visit the farm buildings which house all these goodies directly. 

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