Indoor Outdoor Living room - Part 2

The continuous pelting of snow in my City has made me crave spring even more than usual this year so I am living vicariously through my blog in the hopes that one day I will see grass. I know that I have posted a few spaces over the last while of rooms that have had either a great view of the outdoors or that are open to the outdoors. This is my favorite type of room - one where you are somewhat sheltered but which is a part of nature. In this example I especially love the Asian feel to the outdoor arrangement. The tall grasses, Japanese maple, raised pond and pea gravel really give the garden a lot of visual interest without being too busy.

Home grown Herbs

Fresh herbs are wonderful to cook with, add in salads and soups or add to your favorite drink. One of my favorite herbs is basil. Unfortunately I don't have a back garden that is sunny enough to support the growing of basil. However, I do have a really sunny front window. After seeing this post from Gardenista, I now feel ready to tackle my basil issue. All you need is 3 hours of direct sunlight and you're good to go. Hopefully my basil will grown and I will have fresh pesto all Summer. If not, I can fill my window box with chives and parsley and I'll still be happy.....well not quite as happy but happy just the same.
Photo courtesy of Gardenista

Patio come living room

This patio is an extension of their home and they have decorated it in consequence. I could easily see myself curled up with a book in that lovely sofa under the chandelier.

Inside Outside Living room

I absolutely love this inside outside living room with it's glass walls and airy feel. The colors are so earthy and blend well with the exterior. Makes for a seamless transition. I also really like the kitchen with it's minimalist design.

Office Inspiration

So we need to renovate our home office and I'm looking for some inspiration. I already posted this pic here but when I found this picture on Houzz I immediately said "this is it". I just love the clean lines, the wood countertop and the white everything. Not to mention that gorgeous window! Given that our office is on the first floor and has a view of the garden + trees, I can totally see myself sitting here. What do you think? Would this space inspire you?

Sexiest Chicken Coop you'll ever see

When Marlies and Jo Eyck acquired their 17th century Wijlre Castle in Netherlands they wanted to add an art gallery. Unfortunately historical preservation rules did not allow them to do so. Not ones to be easily deterred the once toolshed, orchid room and henhouse became the new henhouse, greenhouse, tool shed AND art gallery.

I guarantee you that this henhouse is one of a kind. One wall opens onto a chicken run and the other to a garden room. I don't know about you but if I were a hen, I'd definitely want to live here. For the complete story courtesy of Gardenista please click here.

Indoor Outdoor Office Space

Isn't this indoor - outdoor office space beautiful. I just love the black combined with the pale wood floors and desk area. The back deck and sitting area also rocks. Hmmmm...something to think about when we redesign our office space!

Natural Swimming Pools

I love the idea of a natural swimming pool and I especially like the one above. Imagine looking out into your backyard and seeing one of these. Even if you lived in the middle of the city you can make it look like you're way out in the Country just by the plants you choose. An eco-system is created using plants that help filter the water without the use of harsh chemicals. These plants not only help to keep your water clean but attract other elements of nature such as frogs and insects. I know that doesn't sound appealing but it's really not bad at all. I used to swim in ponds as a young girl and trust me, this is wayyy better! We used to have to worry about leeches sticking to our skin and they are NOT FUN to remove. These pools, although some may look like a pond, do not share the same eco-system. Since you will add a pool filter to the pool, the water will keep moving and thus be kept alive and clean. Non-moving water becomes stagnant and attracts all kinds of unwanted things yuck! 

For those of you who feel you could tackle this project yourself please see the youtube video below.

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Backyard Inspiration - Part 5

Although it has been simply frigid here for the last week with only a slight reprieve forecast for next week, I have decided to move on from winter. I've had enough! So that said, I am now planning out phase 2 of our backyard makeover. Here are a few pictures that have inspired me of late.
I love the segments of wood decking and grass. I find that it not only adds visual interest but it creates little rooms in the back yard which I like. I also find wood much warmer than stone so I am partial to this type of a look.  
I really like the way the wood has been created to form a dividing wall here and I absolutely have to have a gas fire pit. After converting our non functioning wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace this year, I just can't get enough of the look and feel of them. Marshmallows anyone?
all pics via my Pinterest

Living off the Grid in a small shed

I am so impressed with this little house that I want to run out and buy a piece of land and build one myself. I love the idea of a small place in the Country with only the bare necessities. I also really like the idea of living off the grid. I don't know if solar power is an option here as winter is long with very little sunlight (this house is located in Melbourne, Australia) but I'm going to find out. The original idea was to build a shed so that the owners could visit their horse George on the weekends and then it evolved into this beautiful, solar-powered house. Please click here for the full story.  
 With a wall of window's both in front and in back, George is easy to find.
 What a view!

For full story and more photos please visit Remodelista
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