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Wood & Concrete Patio

I am totally smitten with this concrete and wood patio complete with fire pit. I happen to be a big fan of wood and concrete in almost any context but I really like it combined with all the greenery. It looks very unobtrusive. Given that our local planning committee has nixed my deck plans it looks like I will be implementing some of this in my own back yard. 

Black & White Work Space

Modern Home Office by Austin Architect Furman + Keil Architects

I could easily see myself working and relaxing in this space. The continuous flow of the desk into the window seat makes the space seamless and uncluttered. The tree also adds another dimension - it's like a piece of  still life artwork. 

Stairwell Safety

Modern Hall by Austin Architect Furman + Keil Architects

I love this idea of a sliding door to close off the stairwell. Keeps the kids safe and adds to the beauty of the overall space!

Painted Wood Stump Stools

Wood stools are so cool and crisp when painted white. The split just makes them all that much more interesting to look at. You do need to make sure they are level though, or else you'll have problems with your cup of tea!

Black & White Dining Room

 Source: viaTracey on Pinterest

                      I am so loving this Black & White dining room!

Curb appeal using color

There is one sure way to make your house stand out and that is with a bold statement of color! Notice how these two houses really catch your eye by using color in a strategic way. The first house with it's green door and red chair and the second with a simple red bench. 

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